Debbie Leopold

Teacher Feature – Debbie Leopold

Question 1: When did you start dancing?

Answer: When I was about 3 years old

Question 2: When did you start teaching?

Answer: I was about when I was 18 years old

Question 3: What classes do you teach?

Answer: I teach ballet, jazz, wedding couples, lyrical and flamenco as well as body conditioning

Question 4: What can you expect from my dance classes?

Answer: You can expect a warm welcoming environment. We start with a warm up at the barre, and then we will move to the center of the studio to do center combinations working on technique, strength and balance

Question 5: When and Why did you start at Five6seven8?

Answer: I started teaching at Five6seven8 in 2022. I was looking for a dance home and fortunately they were looking for new instructors

Question 6: Why do you love to teach dance?

Answer: I love to teach as it is the best kind of gift that I can share with anyone. I love to be part of that experience of Joy.

Question 7: Why do you love to dance?

Answer: I love to dance because it fills my soul.

Question 8: Tell us something about yourself

Answer: I have a deaf cat whose name is teacup. My favourite colour is of course a sparkly pink!