Barre Time

Barre Time is a fast paced, high energy, low impact workout that combines all the best elements of barre work, cardio, ballet and Pilates, while focusing on the fundamental principles of barre fitness.

Barretime Classes Details:

Days: Wednesdays

Time: 08h30-09h30 or 18h30-19h30

Age: 16 years and up

Experience Level: None required

Costing: Available here

What is BarreTime?

Our aim is to tone, strengthen, and lengthen the muscles while building stamina and endurance through the cardio work, all while having fun!

You don’t need to be a Prima Ballerina or fitness fanatic to reap the benefits and enjoy the rewards of our classes.

What makes our barre classes different to all others is the set structure that each class follows. This structure, designed by Lauren and Sulene, is unique to Barre Time and ensures that each and every muscle gets a strong, and super-effective workout, without overusing muscles to the point of disfunction. 

We aim to make each class fun and full of energy so that each client leaves not only feeling they’ve had a great workout but also a really great time! 

Barre Time is a place to workout, a place to work hard, and a place to feel great about yourself!

Dancewear requirements

Uniform Brochure

Our members are recommended to wear:

  • Leggings and well-fitted top
  • Barefoot or socks

Teacher Feature:

Melissa Schafer - Barre Time Instructor

Melissa Schafer

Melissa’s interest in Pilates and Barre began through her years of dancing. At times finding herself working through injuries, she began to learn the benefits of Pilates in posture, movement, flexibility and most of all injury prevention.
Her teaching career began in 2017 after completing her Comprehensive Teacher Training Course with Basi Pilates. With an interest in continued education, she has furthered her skills to include Pilates with Kids and Barretime classes. She thrives on helping kids of all ages and skill ranges with the aim of teaching them how to live well in their bodies. Her much-loved adult Barre classes offer an enjoyable mix of it all helping everyone feel the benefits she believes in.
With her love and knowledge of dance and passion for helping people build their bodies, Pilates and Barre is the perfect platform to combine her passion with her career and share it.
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