Student rules & regulations

Please remember these guidelines are to ensure the safety of students, maintain a clean environment, and help the studio function in an efficient manner. Above all, it will provide students with an unparalleled dancing education!

Fees & Costing:

  1. After corresponding with the Studio via email and registering, parents/ students are responsible for all payments of their accounts and must acquaint themselves with the Terms and Conditions and General Rules prior to the student attending their first class.
  2. A registration fee will be required for all new students, and a re-registration fee will be required every year for returning students, which is subject to a yearly increase at Management’s discretion.
  3. In the event where the class fees are not paid on time, an email/statement will be sent as a reminder to pay the invoiced bill. Should the person responsible for paying the bill still not settle the account after the email, the student will no longer be allowed to attend class and the account holder will be held responsible for the outstanding fees. A penalty fee will also be charged. Prices are subject to change as per the industry standard adjustments.
  4. All payments should be made by card, in cash or by means of direct deposit to the following Bank Account: (NO cheques will be accepted): Five6seven8 Dance Studio | FNB Business Cheque Account – 62456579568 | Branch Code – 250655 | Ref Inv number or Student Name.
  5. Invoices for the next package will be sent out as soon as a package has expired or is close to expiring. If you will not be returning to Five6seven8 at the expiry of your package please inform us.
  6. Fees do not include exam and competition registration and entry fees. Five6seven8 class fees are strictly payable in advance – you will need to pay before a class is conducted. If you do not abide by this, classes will be cancelled and you will still be liable for outstanding class fees.
  7. There will be no refunds for any classes or packages bought.
  8. All Costumes rented from Five6seven8 Dance Studio must be returned in good condition after each performance. Failure to do so will result in a penalty fee.
  9. Costumes are for the students/parents account and need to be paid in advance to the dance shop or dressmaker.
  10. The year is divided into 4 (four) terms, as per the Gauteng Government School Terms. Should you wish to take advantage of the discount when paying per term this must be paid in advance at the beginning of each term failing to do so, your account will be changed to the monthly cycle. 3 Terms options are available for private schools.
  11. All monthly fees must be paid in advance by the 1st of each month.
  12. We reserve the right to refuse to teach a student/child (or children) should the account be in arrears.
  13. Accounts more than two months late will be handed over for collection.
  14. If you wish to terminate this agreement – two full calendar month’s written notice is required for Private lessons. Kids Agreements requires one full month’s or term’s written notice.
  15. Should you be stopping at the end of the year notice must be given by the first of November. If notice is only given in by the first of December then January monthly fee will need to be paid.


  1. Five6seven8 Dance Studio does not accept responsibility, direct or indirect, and will not be held liable for and not limited to any accident or death, injuries, illness, damage and/or losses suffered by you and/or the student during dance lessons, rehearsals, performances, functions, outings and tours and you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Five6seven8 Dance Studios and its employees and/or staff in the event of any such occurrences. We do not accept liability for any injuries, losses or damage however caused whilst on the Studio property or arising during lessons being taught by student teachers and teachers of Five6seven8 Dance Studio, this includes guest teachers.
  2. Five6seven8 will not be responsible for students outside of class times. We highly encourage parents or guardians to walk their children in and out of the studio.  No children should leave the studio without a parent or guardian. Students should not wait outside! We are very sensitive to our student’s safety however, we are not responsible for students before or after their class time. We will not be held responsible for your child/children while waiting before or after class. We are not an after-care center, please fetch as soon as possible after classes. Use of the waiting area is at your own risk.
  3. No verbal undertakings by any person employed by the Studio will be binding on the Studio unless done in writing to Management.


  1. Under no circumstances may lesson changes be discussed with your teacher. If a lesson change is discussed with the teacher and not with any of the Studio admin staff, Five6seven8 will not take responsibility for the lesson change not being effective. Please only discuss with the admin staff – they will inform the teacher of the changes.
  2. There is to be no teacher-student fraternisation, this encompasses relationships that go beyond the normal scope of teacher-student interactions. The problems typically creep in when the fraternisation occurs between a Studio employee and client, whether the relationship is romantic in nature or simply a strong friendship.
  3. It is the students’ responsibility to join The Band App, to ensure they receive all studio communication via this application, all last-minute class details are used via this medium.
  4. Any videos that are shared on The Band App groups are purely for practice purposes and are not to be shared onto any social media platform. This is infringing on the rights of the people in the video and the teacher’s choreography. You will be removed from The Band App.

Competitions, Exams & Showcases:

  1. Five6seven8 Dance Studio will hold within its sole discretion the final say as to the suitability of a student to be entered for and for which examinations, competitions and/or shows/concerts and may, at its sole and exclusive discretion, withdraw or hold back from any such specified events, any student who in the opinion of Five6seven8 Dance Studio, appears to be inadequately prepared due to poor attendance and/or performance.
  2. Under no circumstances, may the choreography of the routine be changed by either the student, parent or guardian. If this matter occurs, the student will no longer be allowed to enter competitions under the studio’s name.
  3. In the case where the student has been absent repeatedly from a class before the event, he/she will no longer be allowed to take part in the competition, showcase events or exam.
  4. Fees for Exams, Festivals, dance shows, and extra lessons must be paid in full, 6 weeks prior to the occasion; the teachers will keep you notified of the activities.
  5. All group, duet, trio, quartet, quintet trophies will be kept at the studio and may NOT be kept by any of the pupils. If your child leaves the studio he/she may NOT use group costumes in any event/competition and all trophies need to be returned immediately.

Lesson Policy:

  1. Private Lessons are to be cancelled 24 hours in advance.  If the lesson is not cancelled within this time frame it will be forfeited and not rescheduled. Unforeseen circumstances such as family and personal emergencies are exempt from this rule, after undergoing a review from Studio Management.
  2. NO spectators ARE ALLOWED TO SIT IN AT ANY OF THE CLASSES. The rule is there to minimise lesson disruptions and allows the students to focus on their class. Family members are invited to come and observe the student’s progress by sitting in on the selected parent viewing day. The studio will communicate dates to parents. No more than 1 family member is allowed in.
  3. It is compulsory that you reserve yourself for every class you attend – if you experience any problems with The Band App, please address it with reception.
  4. We always strive for our group classes to have a large number of people, but sometimes this is not always the case, because of this, group classes will work as follows:
    • 1 person – 30 mins
    • 2-3 people – 45 mins
    • 4 or more people – 1 hour
  5. Group Class packages work as follows:
    • 3 Class Cards: 3 x 1-hour Classes – which must be taken within 5 weeks
    • 4 Class Cards: 4 x 1-hour Classes – which must be taken within 5 weeks 
    • 6 Class Cards: 6 x 1-hour Classes – which must be taken within 8 weeks
    • 8 Class Cards: 8 x 1-hour Classes – which must be taken within 10 weeks 
  6. 3 Month subscriptions will work as follows:
    • 9 x 1-hour classes – which must all be taken within 12 weeks
    • 12 x 1-hour classes – which must all be taken within 12 weeks
    • 18 x 1-hour classes – which must all be taken within 12 weeks
    • 24 x 1-hour classes – which must all be taken within 12 weeks
    • Unlimited per month – which must all be taken within 12 weeks
      • Valid from the date purchased for exactly 12 weeks
      • During the months of December and January when the Studio is closed, subscriptions will be placed on hold, this is up to Management’s discretion
      • Lessons not taken within the 12 weeks will be forfeited
      • During the 3 month subscription, no cancellation may be given
      • If due to, medical reasons or injuries the subscription will be placed on hold, but not the payments
      • The subscription is transferable
      • Full Payment for the subscription to be made in advance.
      • There is no primary dance style, different dance style classes may be attended
      • If a class is cancelled, it is the student’s obligation to catch up the lesson
      • Failure to attend the classes as stipulated above may result in forfeiting those classes.
  7. Packages will only be placed on hold if a serious injury has occurred and accompanied by a doctor or physiotherapist letter.
  8. Schedules and operating times could change due to attendance and teacher schedules, etc. Notice will be given via The Band App. The Studio reserves the right to provide a substitute instructor if the regularly scheduled instructor is ill or otherwise unable to teach classes.
  9. Private Lessons work as follows:
    • Catch ups must be done within a month after the cancelled class.
    • Catch-up classes cannot be deducted from next month’s payment.
  10. No late coming permitted for dance class, no one will be allowed into class 10 minutes into the lesson.
  11. No refund will be given for classes missed.
  12. No classes will be held on public holidays or Sundays – applicable to all dance lessons.
  13. Five6seven8 Dance Studio agrees to give the course of dance instruction in accordance with Five6seven8 Dance Studio’s method of instruction, which is affiliated to the applicable dance style bodies.
  14. Students must please vacate the dance floor as soon as classes end, to accommodate the next class.
  15. Correct dance attire must be worn for each lesson.

Online Lesson Policy:

  1. Ensure to log on a few minutes before the class time and wait to be admitted in.
  2. Find a space that is quiet and at least 2 x 2m in size.
  3. Be respectful at all times.
  4. Ensure you have your camera switched on throughout the entire class so the instructor can see you.
  5. Stay on mute and click the “raise hand” button if you have any questions.
  6. Stay focused and on task while your instructor is busy with class.

Compliments, Complaints & Questions:

We continue to strive for excellent customer service, we would love to hear back from you with how you found your lessons at Five6seven8 Dance Studio. If you are unhappy with any services offered by Five6seven8 Dance Studio bring this to the immediate attention of Management directly.

Five6seven8 resolves the right to add or change any rule at any time without prior notice. However, we will endeavour to inform the students of any such additions/amendments in a timely manner.

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