Discover the rhythm and energy of Amapiano dance classes! Learn to move to the infectious beats of South Africa’s latest musical sensation in a fun and inclusive environment. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, our classes cater to all skill levels, helping you master the signature moves and grooves of Amapiano. Join us and experience the joy of dance while staying fit and connecting with a vibrant community.

Amapiano Dance Classes Details:

Days: Saturdays (First and Last Saturday of each month)

Time: 09h00-10h00

Age: 10 years and up

Experience Level: None required

Costing: Available here   – Kids & Adult Pricing available


What is Amapiano?

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Amapiano dance classes, where the pulsating beats of South Africa’s hottest musical genre come to life. Amapiano, known for its infectious blend of deep house, jazz, and lounge music, has taken the global music scene by storm. Our dance classes offer an exciting opportunity to learn the unique moves and grooves that define this dynamic dance style.

Designed for dancers of all skill levels, our classes provide a supportive and engaging environment. Beginners will find easy-to-follow routines that introduce the basic steps and rhythms of Amapiano, while more experienced dancers can refine their technique and explore advanced choreography. Our skilled instructors bring a wealth of experience and passion to each session, ensuring that you not only learn the dance but also feel the music and express yourself creatively.

In addition to mastering the dance moves, our Amapiano dance classes offer a fantastic way to stay active and healthy. Dance is a full-body workout that improves coordination, flexibility, and stamina. Plus, you’ll be joining a community of fellow dance enthusiasts, making new friends and sharing the joy of movement. Whether you’re looking to enhance your dance skills, get fit, or simply have fun, our Amapiano dance classes are the perfect place to start. Come and experience the rhythm, energy, and joy of Amapiano dance today!

Dancewear requirements

Uniform Brochure

Our members are recommended to wear:

  • Dress in comfortable, stretch fabric to enjoy dancing without restrictions. 

Teacher Feature:

Delta Choshi - Afrobeat Instructor

Delta Choshi

My stage name is Delta The Leo, I’m a dancer, singer, rapper, music & video director, freelance photographer, personal trainer, and career counselor. My passion is in the arts and helping those less fortunate make a living from the craft. Dance is my first calling and that is what I use to communicate with people locally and internationally. I’ve done theatre, TV commercials, drama, etc. Dance is my life and this is a universal language how I exchange, mentor, and teach those who wish to learn. 

I won my first dance competition in 2008 “Masters of Rhythm:” I was the lead dancer for the KFC/MTV tour, won Strictly Hip Hop, and I got the privilege to work with Lorcia Cooper for the 2010 World Cup. I was the first female to win a krump title at the United Dance Organization in Scotland, Best Talent award at Dance Star in Croatia winner for HipHop and Folkloric. I also won Afrobeats at Vogue Nights in 2021
Through Hip Hop, I learned other styles Ballet, Pantsula, Sbujwa, Gumboot dancing, Contemporary, and Afrobeats.  I started teaching in 2015 to empower the youth of Alexandra township. I love dancing for the freedom of expression. 

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