latin & Ballroom

Latin & Ballroom dancing includes dances such as Rumba, ChaCha, Tango, Foxtrot and so much more. A partnered dance style that allows you to learn various dances that you can use to different types of music.

Latin & Ballroom Classes Details:

Days: Thursdays

Time: 18h30-19h30

Age: 16 years and up

Experience Level: None required

Costing: Available here

Days: Wednesdays

Time: 19h30-20h30

Age: 16 years and up

Experience Level: Beginner level needed

Costing: Available here

Days: Wednesdays

Time: 20h30-21h00

Age: 16 years and up

Experience Level: Intermediate level needed

Costing: Available here

Days: Mon-Sat

Time: Anytime during our operating hours, bookings flexible to your timetable & the instructors

Age: 6 years and up

Experience Level: None required

Costing: Available here

What is Latin & Ballroom?

Latin dancing has 2 varieties; American Rhythm and International Latin. Normally categorised as high-intensity, fast-paced & rhythmical. 
Latin dances are Rumba (Cuban or Box), ChaCha, Samba, Paso Doble, Jive, East Coast Swing, Mambo & Bolero

Ballroom dancing also has the 2 varieties; Smooth Ballroom or Standard Ballroom. Normally danced in close body contact with graceful movements.
Ballroom dances are Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot (Rhythm or Slow), Quickstep & Viennese Waltz

Both these styles can be danced socially or competitively.
The biggest misconception about the dance styles is that a partner is needed, this is not the case, in group classes you swop partners and private lessons you are paired up with the instructor.

Dancewear requirements

Uniform Brochure

Our members are recommended to wear:

  • Anything comfortable and doesn’t limit movement
  • Eventually, Latin or Ballroom shoes are recommended for class, speak to your instructor about sizing before purchasing shoes.

Teacher Feature:

Alissa Steyl - Owner

Alissa Steyl

Although I am the owner of the dance studio and extensively involved in the admin side I love to teach my Latin & Ballroom, Lindy Hop & Wedding lessons. 
I have been teaching since 2007 part-time while finishing my studies for my certificate in Graphic Design and BComm in Marketing Management. 
I am trained in both American/Social and International style for Latin & Ballroom and was mentored by Dave Campbell.

Andy Khumalo - Latin Ballroom Instructor

Andy Khumalo


Ken Horn - Latin & Ballroom Instructor

Ken Horn

Malehu Mphahlele - Latin & Ballroom Instructor

Malehu Mphahlele


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