West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a versatile and smooth partner dance that originated in the United States. Known for its elasticity and slotted movements, it allows for both structured patterns and improvisation. Danced to a wide range of music genres, from blues and jazz to contemporary pop and hip-hop, West Coast Swing encourages creativity and personal expression.

West Coast Swing Classes Details:

Days: Mondays

Time: 20h00-21h00

Age: 16 years and up

Experience Level: None required

Costing: Available here

What is West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing is a dynamic and fluid partner dance that has its roots in the Lindy Hop and evolved on the West Coast of the United States, particularly in California, during the 1940s and 1950s. Characterized by its slotted, or linear, movements, this dance is set apart by its smooth and elastic style, where the follower moves back and forth in a narrow slot. The dance is highly adaptable, making it suitable for a variety of music genres, including blues, jazz, R&B, funk, and even contemporary pop and hip-hop.

One of the most appealing aspects of West Coast Swing is its emphasis on improvisation and personal expression. While it has a foundation of basic steps and patterns, dancers are encouraged to add their own flair and creativity. This makes each dance unique and allows for a rich, interactive experience between partners. The lead and follow dynamic in West Coast Swing is particularly interesting, as it requires a high level of connection and communication, allowing the dance to flow seamlessly.

West Coast Swing is often celebrated for its welcoming and inclusive community. It is a social dance that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced dancers. Many dance studios, clubs, and events across the world offer West Coast Swing lessons and social dances, making it accessible to anyone who wants to learn. Whether you’re looking to dance competitively or simply enjoy a night out dancing, West Coast Swing offers a fun and engaging way to connect with music and people.

Dancewear requirements

Uniform Brochure

Our members are recommended to wear:

  • Anything comfortable and doesn’t limit movement
  • Comfortable shoes, careful with sneakers with too much grip.

Teacher Feature:

Alissa Steyl - Owner

Alissa Steyl

Although I am the owner of the dance studio and extensively involved in the admin side I love to teach my Latin & Ballroom, Lindy Hop & Wedding lessons. 
I have been teaching since 2007 part-time while finishing my studies for my certificate in Graphic Design and BComm in Marketing Management. Although I performed in school productions and did some Irish dancing I had no previous experience in partner dancing (that means you can also start after high school!)
I am trained in both American/Social and International style for Latin & Ballroom and was mentored by Dave Campbell.
Although I love dancing, I am a teacher at heart. I love sharing knowledge and finding new ways to teach my students.

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