Five6seven8 is excited to launch our very own multigenre preschool dance program for kids aged 3-6. This program teaches the fundamentals of dance and performance in a fun, creative, and engaging manner helping your children/child excel in their own individual way.

Our lesson plans are created with a knowledge of the physical, cognitive, and emotional developmental milestones for each age group.

This ensures that your children are learning and growing at an age-appropriate level and in the best format to suit their developmental needs.

We nurture your child/children into confident, expressive, and creative individuals with a genuine love for dance.

Little Seedlings Classes, 3-5 yrs old

Tuesdays 15h00-15h45 & Saturdays 09h00-09h45

We believe that young dancers are put into boxes too early in their dance careers which inhibits them from reaching their fullest potential.

As a multigenre dance studio, we have experienced/witnessed first-hand the benefits of participating in more than one dance style for young dancers. Each style has its own unique elements that can contribute to a well-rounded dancer. By participating in multiple dance classes, our students develop amazing musicality, technical ability, physical strength and flexibility, and exceptional performance skills. These skills are not isolated to dance alone. Your children will learn many vital social and personal skills such as teamwork, discipline, dedication, motivation, time management, self-confidence, and the ability to freely express themselves.

Ballet Classes Randburg


The most fundamental genre of dance for any young dancer. Ballet teaches control, posture, and fluidity as well as self-discipline and listening skills.


Dancers learn to work with partners, playing both leads and following roles, problem-solving, conflict managing, and having a good giggle at the same time. Ballroom dancing also teaches directionality and spatial awareness.

Creative Movement

Students explore movement through music and movement while simultaneously developing motor skills, coordination, spatial awareness, and balance.

Tap and Hip-Hop

These styles focus on musicality, body isolation, and percussion as well as performance skills and characterization.

Tiny Tumblers

Combining skills from acrobatic and break dancing students will learn to forward roll, backward roll, handstand, and cartwheel all while stretching and strength building young bodies in a safe, exciting space. This develops trust and confidence for later, more challenging skills.

Ashlee Viljoen - Acro & Preschool Instructor



Debbie Leopold - Ballet & Preschool Instructor

Debbie Leopold

Debbie started dancing over 36 years ago and has formal qualifications and training in a plethora of dance styles such as Ballet, Modern, Flamenco and Jazz to name a few. Debbie is passionate about teaching and working with young minds, enabling them to explore their own creativity and discover their strengths and talents through dance and creative movement. Debbie’s years of experience together with her recognised qualification in Early Childhood Development have enabled her to design lessons and choreography that take a holistic approach to introduce young children to a fusion of dance styles. All built on a solid foundation of dance technique. Classes are not only fun and engaging but also developmentally appropriate for this age group.

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