Stretch classes are specialized sessions designed to improve flexibility, range of motion, and muscle elasticity. These classes typically involve a series of stretching exercises that target various muscle groups, enhancing dancers’ performance and reducing the risk of injury. Suitable for all levels, they are an essential complement to dance training, promoting overall physical well-being and aiding in recovery.

Stretch Classes Details:

Days: Fridays

Time: 08h30-09h30

Age: 16 years and up

Experience Level: None required

Costing: Available here

What is Stretch?

Stretch classes in a dance studio offer a structured environment where dancers can focus on improving their flexibility, range of motion, and muscle elasticity. These classes are meticulously designed to cater to dancers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Through a series of guided stretching exercises, participants work on various muscle groups, including the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, glutes, arms, shoulders, and back. The goal is to enhance overall body flexibility, which is crucial for executing dance movements with precision and grace.

A typical stretch class begins with a gentle warm-up to increase blood flow and prepare the muscles for deeper stretching. This is followed by a combination of dynamic and static stretches, where dynamic stretches involve controlled, smooth movements to gradually increase reach and speed, while static stretches involve holding a stretch for a prolonged period to gradually elongate the muscle. Instructors often incorporate elements of yoga and Pilates to ensure a comprehensive stretch routine that also builds core strength and stability.

Participating in stretch classes regularly can significantly reduce the risk of dance-related injuries by maintaining muscle health and promoting quicker recovery times. Moreover, these classes are not only beneficial for dancers but also for anyone looking to improve their overall physical well-being. They provide a peaceful, focused environment where individuals can connect with their bodies, relieve stress, and enhance their dance performance through increased flexibility and better posture.

Dancewear requirements

Uniform Brochure

Our members are recommended to wear:

  • Leggings or tracksuit pants with a vest/ t-shirt, nothing where your “ladies” can fall out if you’re upside down. In winter, you may want to bring warmer things like socks, hoodies, or a jersey. 
  • Water bottle
  • Own mat if desired

Teacher Feature:

Gabreilla Smith - Contemporary, Physical & Technique Instructor

Gabriella Smith

I have loved dance my whole life and started dancing at the age of 4 focusing on Cecchetti ballet for most of my childhood. In my early teens I moved to RAD and contemporary dance, starting burlesque by age 16, leaving me with 19 years of dance experience. In university, I realised my passion for teaching dance and completed a certificate in anatomy with the University of Michigan and a certificate in the science of exercise with the University of Colorado Boulder. I have been teaching stretch and dance since 2021 and fell in love with the science of competitive dance and what it takes to train to that level. I completed my personal training qualification with HFPA, and received teaching training in ballet (Vaganova method) and PACRODA acro. I am currently working towards becoming an exercise specialist to ensure that I can offer the most effective training to my dancers wanting to further their technique and strength. I am especially interested in injury prevention training and passionate about turning out strong, fit, technique-oriented dancers with a love for their craft.

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