Competition Tips

With SADF Social Gauteng Championships around the corner some great tips have been shared on social media from Dance Comp Preview.


Some articles that would be relevant for our competitors:

As the competition is being held in Pretoria at the Voortrekker Monument, you can’t afford to forget something at home.


Be sure to check your list the night before:

  • Outfits
  • Shoes
  • Shoe Brush
  • Olive Oil – Gives you a little extra grip
  • Secret Socks – If you cut a small hole for your heel it protects your suede underneath your shoes from all the dust and glitter
  • 2 Pairs of Tights – Tights can ladder very easily
  • Clear Nail Varnish – To stop an ladder of tights as quickly as possible
  • 2 Pairs of Hot Pants
  • Face Towel
  • Deodorant
  • Safety Pins – You need 4 for your number on your back and extra just to be safe
  • Needle & Thread – Something might pop loose when you don’t want it
  • Plasters – For any blisters or booboo’s on the day
  • Highlighter – To highlight all your dances to ensure you are at the marshalling area on time.

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