Dance Shoe Maintenance

Our dancing shoes are very important to us and is vital to ensure you maintain them so they can have a longer life on the floor.

Try your best to hand your shoes in to a shoe repairman that has worked with dance shoes before.


To prolong your shoes’ life there are two things you need to look at; the suede and the heel caps (for ladies)


Men: It is very important to ensure that you have your suede recovered before holes start appearing at the bottom of your shoe. More damage will be caused to your shoe if you continue to dance in them in that state. When they start to feel thinner at the bottom and peeling on the sides be sure to hand them in.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to polish your shoes every now and again…


Ladies: Same with the men, keep check of your suede, I have murdered a few dance shoes by not replacing the suede on time and as the suede disappears my Latin dance shoe straps starts to snap off. The next most vital thing is your heel caps, I swear if I hear a person on the dance floor with a scrapping noise I will kick you off the floor. As illustrated in the image you can see with wear and tear your shoes plastic heel caps tend to wear down (because you are dancing your ballrooms properly and releasing the heel as you go back). Only problem is as they wear down the screw inside starts to show, so if you hear a scrapping noise it is that very screw scratching our dance floor. So you can understand why we don’t want you on the floor.


Five6seven8 Dance Studio will arrange every now and again to deliver our dance shoes to Anil Sewpersad, owner of Champion Shoe Repairs. He is based in the Florida area so all you need to do is deliver your shoes at the studio and we’ll go drop them off. Just be aware you might have to go without your dance shoes for a day or two while they get repaired.

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