Latin & Ballroom Dance Hold

Latin and Ballroom is all about partner dancing so therefore our hold and frame is very vital to how you dance.

One of my students requested that I could make a summary of all the various hand holds for the different dances and thought it is a very good subject to talk about especially for beginners. Next month we will be discussing the frame.

For your Latin, Waltz/Foxtrot and Tango the hold will change each time. I was a pity lazy to draw these illustrations so cheated with photos and believe it is the best way to show you how it will look, thank you for the body and hands that I could use in these photos. No one was harmed during this process 😉

Latin Hold:

The gent takes the lady’s right hand with his left, creating his hand in a C-Shape. A slight resistance is required between both hands.





The lady places her left hand onto the gents shoulder applying slight resistance.





The gent places his right hand onto the lady’s shoulder blade, the tips of his fingers should feel the ridge of her blade. Pull her slightly towards you and her resistance will allow a strong hold. Remember gents do not dig your fingers into her back, keep all your fingers aligned, form a shape of a cup and place the whole surface of your hand onto her back



Waltz and Foxtrot Hold:

Same as the Latin hold the gent takes the lady’s right hand, only difference is that both thumbs will be upright and aligned with one another.





The lady creates almost rock star fingers pushing her thumb, middle and ring finger into the V of the gents shoulder muscle.






When the gent takes Ballroom hold he angles his hand slightly downward. You will see as soon as this is done this will allow the elbow to rise.





Tango Hold:

When taking Tango hold it is once again similar to the Latin hold however the lady’s pinky finger goes between the gent’s middle and point finger.






The lady will now hook her arm around the gents elbow to allow her to place her hand on the gents back. The thumb is nicely tucked in underneath the hand.






The hold is the same as the Foxtrot Waltz hold however the man’s arm goes lower and more around the lady’s back. If your fingertips feel the lady’s middle point of her bra strap you are correct.