8 Top Reasons Why A Dance Uniform Is Important

8 Top Reasons Why A Dance Uniform Is Important

When participating in dance classes, most studios have rules set in place with what attire is required. Just like most extracurriculars and sports, certain dress codes are created to help the teachers and dancers excel in their learning. Shoes, clothing, and extra accessories may differ based on the style of dance you are participating in.

You may wonder why it is important to be wearing a uniform at dance each week. Not only is a uniform an indicator of belonging to a functioning team, but it also offers a variety of other benefits for both students and teachers in class. Here are our top reasons why uniforms are required for our classes.

1. Practicality & Safety

First and foremost, proper posture and alignment in our students are of utmost importance in a dancer’s training. Teachers need to see alignment from head to toe in order to make necessary corrections. The best way to see this is in properly fitting clothing. Inappropriate clothing such as loose-fit clothing, metal zippers, and rigid fabrics can be uncomfortable and may become hazards for your dancer in class. They also make it very difficult for the teacher to see the dancers’ alignment which could lead to injury. The safest and most practical solution is to wear your dance uniform.

2. Comfort & Mobility

Uniforms are generally stitched using a light cotton fabric. Not only does cotton absorb sweat, but it is also really breathable and helps maintain the body at the appropriate temperature which is important for avoiding injury and keeping working muscles warm. To add, in dance there are numerous positions that require the body to stretch beyond what it can do in normal clothing. The uniform fabric is designed to allow easy transitions while ensuring no damage to the outfits or embarrassing mishaps for the dancers.

3. Self Confidence & Professionalism

We associate certain uniforms with very specific professions, for example, Doctors or police officers. Studies have shown that uniforms help people envision themselves in certain roles, like that of a professional dancer. Although our students are all currently learning, we know they all hope to be as good as a professional dancer one day. Wearing a uniform is something tangible that students do before coming to class. This means that as soon as students put their uniforms on, their brain starts getting ready for class, and as a result, their class etiquette improves. Any professional dance environment will have a specified uniform. We would like to prepare and create a professional environment for our students. When dancers all dress alike, it is a clean, professional class where all dancers are valued and respected.

4. Feeling Part of a Team/Family

Wearing a uniform creates a sense of unity and belonging within the studio. Feeling like part of one big dance family creates a sense of pride and is a wonderful way for students to strive to be the best dancer they can be and show support for their peers. Think of sports fans all wearing their favorite team shirt. Uniforms create a sense of community that is an important value for our dance studio.

5. Teamwork & Unison

Similarly, having a standard dress code encourages students to work as a team. More cohesiveness and a greater bond between students can be achieved when they look the same and all adhere to the dress code of the studio. Wearing the same colour and style of clothing for each class creates better visuals and cleanness for the teachers and dancers. It can even help dancers to better visualise how their group dances will look when they dance together on stage in their costumes.

6. Discipline & Respect

Discipline is very important to any task and especially to something as intensive as dance. Dance enables you to use your body, mind, and emotions all at the same time. As a result, it requires a lot of focus and discipline. Studies have shown that uniforms help with this. When we wear a uniform, we feel a sense of duty towards the work that we are doing. Uniforms allow dancers to see and truly respect the art of dance which helps them stay focused and disciplined. When all dancers are in proper uniform, they are showing their teacher respect. When you are dressed sloppy, it shows our teachers that you are not ready and prepared for class.

7. Equality

Dress codes or Uniforms are a reminder that there are rules to follow and respect in the classroom. Having a set uniform across the board represents the idea that all students are equal.

8. Fewer Distractions

Concentration and focus are essential for dance classes. Wearing jewelry, hair accessories, ill-fitted clothing, etc., can cause a loss of focus. Because of this, it is more beneficial to avoid allowing things that may fall off, or that will distract the dancer.

There you have our Top 8 Reasons why a dance uniform is important. Be sure to check in with your instructor about what their recommended attire is for your dance class. Pop onto our shop.five6seven8.co.za to make your dance uniform orders & purchases.

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