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FONTAINBLEAU – A quick-step here and a chassé there, Five6seven8 turns novice dancers into dance professionals.

Five6seven8 Dance Studio prides itself on developing amazing dancers who go on to win competition after competition, making each side step more memorable than the next.

The Fontainebleau-based dance studio was opened in 2013 by Craig van Rooyen and Alissa Steyl, who have been dance instructors for the past 23 years. The passionate dance instructors have taught students who have achieved great strides through devotion and hard work. Some of their dancers shared their thoughts and hopes for the year.

Lauren Kruger said that five years ago, her friend invited her to a dance evening and ever since that ”fateful” day she has chasséd her way to wins and successes. Her partner Adrian Julius said that he started dancing when he was six years old after his parents forced him into trying it out. The ballroom dance duo said that their hopes for the year are to compete and to win in the next South African National Championships. The pair competed in the championships last year and they won in their section, walking away with the Silver Pros title.

When asked about that misconception that ballroom dancing is not a man’s sport, Adrian jokingly said that every day he is surrounded by beautiful women who want to dance with him.

Another couple that the studio can proudly boast about are Jason Heyneke and Bianca Dias. The pair, who come from different spectrums of dance, have come together to show their magic on the dance floor. Heyneke has a background in hip-hop and breakdance while Dias is trying to hone in on her ballet. The two very determined dancers, who also competed in the SA National Championships have hopes of this year winning for their section and attaining the Bronze International title.

Owners Steyl and Van Rooyen said that novice dancers need not be intimidated by those dancers who are now professionals.

“Every dancer started out saying ‘I can’t dance’ – we encourage all of our dancers here,” said Van Rooyen.

Details: Five6seven8, randburg@five6seven8.co.za or 011 791 5997.

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