Afrobeat Workshop

Afrobeat Workshop – 2 July 2022

Join us on Saturday, 2 July 2022 for our Afrobeat Workshop with Delta the Leo from 12h00-14h00.

This workshop will be covering leg work, waist work, hand gestures, and various styles from Afrobeats.

The movements are broken down to:

  1. Rosalina (Congo) waist whining/ which is a basic in Afrobeats.
  2. Akwaaba hand accents
  3. Shakushaku leg and arm coordination (Nigeria), Vosho (South Africa) have multiple variations due to footwork, and legwork.
  4. Odi dance (Kenya) Azonton & Alkayida (Ghana) a Gwaragwara, Teka shawena south African inspired dance.

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