And The 2022 Winners Are….

This past Saturday we hosted our Strictly 5678 annual showcase event at The Barnyard Theatre, Silverstar. All our dancers had such great fun and we’re so thankful to be able to host an external event again.

Our Strictly 5678 event is based on the TV show, Strictly Come Dancing. Our dances are entered into sections and each performance is judged by our 3 esteemed guests, Craig Bullock, Debbie Rakusin, and Salome Sechele.

Our Judges:

Craig Bullock is the Co-founder of DanceWeb Studios, International Adjudicator, Director of International DanceSport, Marketing and Communications Director for DanceSport South Africa, CEO of the StreetDance Association, and brainchild of the DanceSport School League. Being passionate about our youth, Craig has worked on projects with the United Nations’ Children’s Education Fund and the Department of Education, using Street Dance as an outreach tool to help the youth of South Africa deal with drug, gender-based violence, and teen pregnancy problems within schools. Craig was also the Dance Consultant and Choreographer for the South African dance movie Pop Lock n Roll featured in Cinemas as well as on Netflix. Craig Bullock is the DanceWeb founder and owner, is a Director on the board of South African Body Of Dance(SABOD) and has been appointed as a National Examiner and International Adjudicator. He is also a director of the South African Circle of Dance (SACDA). In 2002, Craig was nominated as South African Hip-Hop Coach and went on to manage the South African Team when they performed in Germany in October 2003. At the IDO World Street Dance Championship held in Austria in 2011, Craig won gold for Hip-Hop Formation choreography. Since 2007, Craig is also Dance Consultant and Choreographer for the SA dance movie Pop Lock n Roll Sept-Oct 2015. The movie is to be released in cinemas in April 2016.

Debbie Rakusin acclaimed producer, director, choreographer, teacher, and mentor, Debbie Rakusin, remains one of the foremost figures in the South African dance industry. She has instructed, mentored, and influenced dancers over a period spanning 4 decades, enabling many dancers to proceed and become leaders themselves- locally and abroad. Debbie inspires, motivates, and ignites passion within those who are privileged to work with her and as a lifelong learner, she encourages meaningful dance education and is an International IDO Judge. Her work has a pronounced flavour comprising of style, integrity, and intelligence and this has led to her being the worthy recipient of many local and international awards and honours. Debbie’s work ethos is based on honesty, professionalism, integrity, versatility, and an enormous amount of passion and as such, she has fondly become known as the First lady of dance in South Africa.

Salome Sechele is an undefeated SA dance Champion of Strictly SA Fame, who has mastered a variety of dance styles. She represented South Africa with long-time partner Tyrone Watkins in Hong Kong, Miami, Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, UK, Germany, and France. Salome was a sizzling lead dancer in Lattisimo and lit up the stage in the acclaimed SA production of Chicago. She was also featured as a judge on SA Strictly Come Dancing. A qualified judge and chairperson of adjudicators in South Africa, Salome is actively involved in choreography, performing, and teaching.

But for the reason, you are all here for…..

Our results of Strictly 5678 2022

Solo Junior

Solo Jnr
Emma with EdwinaIrish8.
Amy-KaylaShow Dance7.98.498.432
KyraShow Dance7.88.298.334
LeandriModern Show Dance7.
KyraModern Show Dance7.58.198.206

Duo/Trio Jnr

Amy-Kayla, Ewa, MeganModern7.98.498.431
Amy-Kayla & ScarlettLyrical7.
Emma & JadeModern7.
Emma & JadeLyrical7.


Thomas & ShannonMambo8.
Lakeisha & AlissaArgentine Tango7.
Riana & MarkBolero6.


Matthew & AlissaV-Waltz8.58.698.701
Melanie & LizanneContemporary8.58.598.672
Bella & KenArgentine Tango88.798.573
Derek & AlissaMedley88.48.68.335
Nikki & AndreWest Coast Swing7.888.78.176
Bella & AlissaChaCha-Tango7.

Small group

Andy, Amy, Avinash, Derek, Mark, Michelle, JuanShuffling88.698.531
Rezelle, Suwi, DebbieBallet88.49.18.502
Amy, Terisha, Kiara, TiaraBollywood88.498.473
Andries, Andy, Bella, Alissa, LizanneLindy Hop7.
Kaylin, Sable, Lizanne, RobynMusical Theatre7.
Bianca, Coilin, Diyam KairaviBelly Dancing7.28.598.235
Kaylin, SableTap7.


Amy, Andy, Avinash, Bianca, Claire, Danielle, Derek, Nicci, RobynHip Hop8.
Bianca, Christelle, Elize, Kaylin, Mirique, Rene, LizanneBurlesque8.28.598.572
Aaron, Andy, George, Kim, Lakeisha, Leon, Marcelle, Marina, Melissa, Steven, Denise, AndreWest Coast Swing8.289.18.433
Andy, Ashley, Bella, BIanca, Ken, Marcelle, Riana, Ryan, Shannon, ThomasLatin & Ballroom7.989.18.334
Andy, Estim, Jyothi, Llana, Monica, Regila, Sekga, Sharon, EdwinaZumba7.
Andy, Anri, Blade, Marcelle, Melanie, Melissa, Mirique, Rezelle, Suwi, Zoe, LizanneContemporary7.

Dave Campbell Trophy of Excellence

Awarded to Thomas & Shannon for their Mambo routine that received the highest mark of 8.90

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