Floorplan Interclub Battle Workshop

Floorplan Interclub Battle Workshop

On Sun, 13 June 2021 there will be an Interclub Battle Workshop hosted at Five6seven8.

But what is an Interclub Battle Workshop?
It is a day for various studios to unite for a team-building exercise with their students and to educate on what is battling & competing is in the Street dance styles.
From 11h00-14h00 there will be the Workshop with some teamwork challenges on preparing for a 2v2 Battle as well as solos. We will also be discussing how the judging system works and what you need to know about battles.
Then from 14h00-16h30, we go into our 1vs1 Battle that will run through Prelims, Semi & Finals.

We encourage all our Street Dance style members to attend this event. If you are doing Hip Hop or Breaking, this workshop will help you understand how Battles work and how to prepare for them.

If you don’t want to participate in the event, attend as a spectator to see what these events are about and to get a better understanding.

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