Hypermobility Workshop

Hypermobility workshop – 16 March 2024

Nurturing Talent Safely: Understanding and Addressing Hypermobility in Dancers

As the dance community continues to grow, so does the need for comprehensive education on the physical well-being of dancers. One crucial aspect often overlooked is hypermobility – a condition where joints can move beyond their normal range. To bridge this knowledge gap, we present a workshop tailored for teachers, dancers, and parents, aimed at understanding hypermobility and implementing preventative measures for a safer dance experience.

It is important to remember that physical well-being should always come first. That’s why we are excited to announce our upcoming workshop on hypermobility in dancers, hosted by Melissa Schafer and Lizanne Robinson at Five6seven8 Dance Studio on February 24th.

The workshop will cover a range of topics, from defining hypermobility to identifying risk factors and implementing prevention strategies. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of hypermobility and how it can affect joints and performance. They will also learn how to recognize signs and symptoms early on and how to modify training programs to accommodate hypermobile dancers without compromising their physical safety.

One of the highlights of the workshop is the focus on educating parents. Dance training is often a family affair, and parents play a crucial role in supporting their child’s passion while actively participating in injury prevention strategies at home.

Early bird tickets are available for R150pp until February 15th, and general tickets are R200pp. This workshop is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the dance community who wants to nurture talent safely and promote a culture of holistic well-being. Join us on February 24th and let’s work together to ensure that every dancer can express their artistry safely and sustainably.

Workshop Highlights

  1. Defining Hypermobility: Unravel the mystery behind hypermobility, exploring its definition and recognizing its manifestations in dancers. Learn how hypermobility affects joints and the potential impact on performance.
  2. Risk Factors and Identification: Equip teachers, parents, and dancers with the tools to identify hypermobility risk factors. Understand how to recognize signs and symptoms early on, promoting a proactive approach to safeguarding dancers’ physical well-being.
  3. Prevention Strategies: Delve into effective strategies to prevent injuries associated with hypermobility. From targeted exercises to proper warm-up routines, participants will gain insights into fostering strength, stability, and flexibility in a balanced manner.
  4. Customizing Training Programs: Tailor dance training programs to accommodate hypermobile dancers. Strike a balance between challenging their artistic expression and ensuring their physical safety. Explore modifications that enhance technique without compromising joint health.
  5. Educating Parents: Engage parents in the journey of nurturing a hypermobile dancer. Provide them with the knowledge to support their child’s passion while actively participating in injury prevention strategies at home.

Workshop details

Date: 16 March 2024
Venue: Five6seven8 Dance Studio
Time: 13h00-15h00
Cost: R150pp early bird until 22 Feb, R200pp

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