Introducing Alex's Rising Stars - Five6seven8 NPO

Introducing Alex’s Rising Stars – Five6seven8 NPO

This past Saturday we attended the SADTA Gauteng Challenge, this was one of the Latin & Ballroom competitions hosted by this dance body.
We entered 5 of our couples from Bovet Primary School, Alexandra for their very first competition. There was lots of excitement on the day and they danced their hearts out.

But who is Alex’s Rising Stars – Five6seven8 NPO?

They are a great group of kids that Alissa, Christine & Enize have been teaching every Wednesday at their school in Alexandra. With the classroom being so small they have only done the 2 Latin dances required to compete at SADTA competitions in the Beginner section which is the Cha-Cha and Jive. You can view one of the practices at school here.

For their first competition the kids did great. Practicing a few times before they went onto the dance floor they had the opportunity to finally stretch their arms out to the full extent. Now it is time to get ready for the SADTA All Open Championships.

So far the studio has been able to purchase the kids dance shoes and cover their entry costs. However if anyone would like assist with any donations it would be greatly appreciated! The studio hopes to purchase various sizes for dance shoes and have the leotard dresses made as well as pants & shirts for the boys. So irrespective of which dancers go to the competition we will be able to assist them with the entire outfit. Right now we are taking one step at a time.

As 2018 creeps closer we already need to plan what we have in mind for the year, our first step is to have the NPO officially registered. We hope to keep going with the current group of kids while they have moved to High school and start with their Ballroom dances. We will also hopefully introduce another group to start with them in 2018!




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