Teacher Feature - Adrian Julius

Teacher Feature – Adrian Julius

Question 1: When did you start dancing?

Answer: I was one of the lucky ones to start dancing at the age of six. It was a time of afro’s and all-in-one blue and red suede Latin outfits(in a 3/4 inch heels).  

Question 2: When did you start teaching?

Answer: I started teaching when I was twelve years old at my parent’s dance school.

Question 3: What classes do you teach?

Answer: I teach Ballroom and Latin.

Question 4: When & Why did you start teaching at Five6seven8?

Answer: I started teaching at Five6seven8 in February 2014 and I joined the studio because they are the best dance school and I felt right at home.

Question 5: Why do you love to teach dance?

Answer: I love to teach because I love to inspire people and motivate them to dance to the best of their abilities.

Question 5: Why do you love to dance?

Answer: Dancing is my superpower, dancing transforms me and makes me feel alive and brings me peace.

Question 6: Tell us something about yourself

Answer: I’ve always secretly wanted to dance like Michael Jackson 

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