Teacher Feature - Andre Greyling

Teacher Feature – Andre Greyling

Question 1: When did you start dancing?

Answer: November 2004

Question 2: When did you start teaching?

Answer: January 2005

Question 3: What classes do you teach?

Answer: I teach Latin & Ballroom & West Coast Swing

Question 4: When & Why did you start teaching at Five6seven8?

Answer: January 2018, because I’ve known Kraig & Alissa for a very long time, and prefer their way of running a studio to what I’ve seen elsewhere.

Question 5: Why do you love to teach dance?

Answer: I enjoy seeing the growth in dancers, especially from a technical standpoint when they have been taught correctly.

Question 5: Why do you love to dance?

Answer: Asking why I love to dance is like asking what the difference is between Jelly and Jam

Question 6: Tell us something about yourself

Answer:Qualified to open my own Kung Fu school, as well as having gone 5 years undefeated before I stopped competing. Pro level Paintballer. One of only two West Coast Swing teachers in South Africa.

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