Jayden van Tonder

Teacher Feature – Jayden van Tonder

Question 1: When did you start dancing?

Answer: I’ve been dancing since I was 6, and I started doing it professionally when I was 14.

Question 2: When did you start teaching?

Answer: I began teaching in 2019, but COVID-19… So after COVID subsided in 2022, I eagerly seized the opportunity to resume teaching, delving back into my passion for teaching dance.

Question 3: What classes do you teach?

Answer: I specialize in teaching beginner adult musical theatre classes, drawing from my extensive experience in various dance styles including Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Modern, and Tap. 

Question 4: What can you expect from my dance classes?

Answer: Well, get ready for an amazing class filled with lots of energy and fun, where we will focus on honing techniques and bringing stories to life through the magic of musical theatre!

Question 5: When and Why did you start at Five6seven8?

Answer: In October 2023, I joined Five6seven8 Dance Studio after moving back to Johannesburg from the Freestate. It was the only studio near me that welcomed adults with or without dance experience, so I didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity. The studio provided a wealth of information and introduced me to various teachers and dance styles, and I immediately felt at home. Participating in the end-of-year showcase not only allowed me to showcase my existing skills but also my improved ones, affirming my growth and determination.

Question 6: Why do you love to teach dance?

Answer: Teaching dance isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle! I know there are people out there who want to grow personally. I love teaching because it’s not just about helping others but also bettering myself. I always strive to improve my teaching style based on the wonderful people I meet. The best part is seeing everyone have a blast and express themselves through the joy of dance!

Question 7: Why do you love to dance?

Answer: I am truly passionate about dancing because it goes beyond being a mere hobby, it is a vital part of my life. Dancing allows me to express myself in ways that words cannot capture. It provides me with a sense of freedom that is difficult to articulate, and as unconventional as it may seem, dancing has been a lifeline for me. Not only has it rescued me from difficult situations, but it has also been instrumental in maintaining my mental well-being. Through the art of dancing, I have found the most effective means to manage and overcome various types of stress.

Question 8: Tell us something about yourself

Answer: Well, it’s hard to think of something I haven’t mentioned already. But if we talk about my hobbies, I truly enjoy engaging in conversations with people about everyday topics. I find it fulfilling to spend quality time with my friends and family, and I also have a passion for performing, especially while singing in the shower. Cooking is another interest of mine, and I take delight in experimenting with new recipes. Additionally, I have a deep love for photography, where I capture moments that I find beautiful and meaningful. And let’s not forget my love for drinking bubble milk tea! On the competitive side, I am always striving to push myself and achieve my goals. I make a conscious effort to avoid trouble and stay on the right path. Lastly, storytelling is something that truly resonates with me, and I love sharing and listening to stories.