Tiny Tots Creative Movement

Tiny Tots Creative Movement

Tiny Tots Creative Movement Dance Class

My 3-5 year old loves dancing, what dance style should we do?

Your little one has been dancing around your living room since the day they could walk. If your child starts moving every time music plays, it might be time to consider enrolling your child in some dancing classes.

Ballet dance classes are usually the first option parents go for. Ballet classes teach your child great fundamentals which translate to all forms of dance. Please take note, our Ballet class is not just for girls – it’s great for boys too! Don’t force your child to conform to gender-specific roles and activities.

At Five6seven8 Dance Studio you can sign your little one up for Tiny Tots Ballet (Saturdays 09h30-10h00) or Tiny Tots Creative Movement (Mondays 14h30-15h00 or Saturdays 10h00-10h30).

Sound interesting? Book a free trial here! Let your little one try out the dance class to see if they enjoy it. Please take note that we don’t allow spectators in our classes. To understand this policy, please read this article.

But I want my child to do Acro or Hip Hop instead?

Five6seven8 Dance Studio has introduced a new dance class for 2019: Tiny Tots Creative Movement. In 2018 we offered various dance styles, from Acro, Ballet, Hip Hop, Latin & Ballroom, etc. However, from our experience, children between the ages of 3-5 years are still learning the fundamentals of dance such as balance, coordination, and rhythm. No dance technique is introduced at this age, so having a specific genre class does not really benefit these children that much just yet. Therefore, our Creative Movement classes will build on all the various dance styles on offer i.e. your child will be doing Acro, Hip Hop, and other basic dance movements in this class.

What can we expect from the Creative Movement class?

It is usually best to introduce your child to a formal dance class at a young age so that they can start building a good foundation and affinity for dance. It is also a great way for kids to learn to socialise with other children.

At this age, we believe that giving children some variety in class helps them to learn and engage more, rather than focussing on a particular dance style.

Our Creative Movement classes use dance games as a fun element to introduce various dance skills. In these classes, we start introducing some of the discipline required for dancing, and begin building on general muscle strength. We teach the fundamentals of all the dance forms in this class, e.g. the difference between pointing and flexing, how to move with the beat, etc. Creative Movement is not restricted to any single dance style, and it’s a great way to get kids started in dance.

The classes are 30 minutes in length which is great as children in this age group generally still have short attention spans. No activities are too long that the kids start to get bored, cranky or tired.

When can my child start choosing specific dance styles?

When your child turns 5-6 years old, they will be able to start focusing on a specific dance style and the technique that accompanies it. By now they are now able to focus for longer periods, and take instruction and critique a bit easier too. Even though your child is still young, there are some considerations before choosing a dance style:

  • Think of what holds your child’s interests
  • Future goals

These may seem like distant concerns, but if a foundation in Ballet is required for dancing your child wants to pursue, then Ballet is a good style to encourage. All dance styles have their benefits, and it all depends on what your child would like to do and what they would like to achieve. If you are unsure, feel free to discuss the possibilities with your child’s instructor.

Why is dancing beneficial for your child?

Dancing is not only great exercise for children, but it also builds their confidence and makes them generally more willing to try new things. The classes also let your child socialise and make friends with other children who share their interests. Dancing is also a cultural activity and introduces them to the world of the arts.

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