Why Do You Dance?

Why Do You Dance?

Calling all our students who would like to be part of our advert campaign that we are planning:

“Why Do You Dance?”

What are we planning?

We would like to put an advert campaign together asking various students why they take dance lessons and simultaneously what dancing means to them. At times the general public does not know or understand why dancing could be good for them, and what better way to inform them than from students who already take dancing lessons.

Who can partake?

Any member of Five6seven8 Dance Studio. We are open to children being part of the video, but of course, do need the parents’ consent.

When will the filming happen?

When we have the list of students who are interested to be part of the campaign we will discuss individually what days and times will be suitable. We do want to create a high-quality video which will require a bit more attention then just filming quickly before or after dance class. We are also sure students don’t want to appear sweaty all over the internet. 😉


Notify us by 15 September if you would like to be part of the campaign.




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