Why Do You Love To Dance

Why Do You Love To Dance?

Welcome to our blog post where we explore the joy of dancing through the eyes of our students. We asked them a simple question – why do you love to dance? Their answers were as diverse and beautiful as the art of dance itself. Here are some of the reasons they shared with us:

Why Do You Love to Dance?

  • I get to express myself
  • It is fun for me
  • I was born for it
  • It reminds me of my childhood
  • It is my anti-depressant
  • It makes me happy
  • I get to do it with my friends
  • It makes me feel free
  • It makes me feel strong and confident
  • The quickest way to feel confident
  • I get to defy gravity
  • Meet new people
  • I can be anyone who I want to be
  • It fills my body, my mind & my soul
  • I get to dance with my husband
  • I get to meet new people
  • It is a beautiful artistic expression of movement
  • Since of community
  • New Challenges and activities
  • I don’t like to go to gym
  • I get to socialize and learn new moves

Stay tuned to discover more insights and personal stories about the passion that drives us to move and groove on the dance floor.

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