Dance Class: Clean living, dirty dancing

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The numbers five, six, seven, eight are often called out by choreographers when they’re about to hit another round of practising a dance routine.

Five6Seven8 dancing studio in Randburg, is the new spot to experience a new kind of night out.

Owners and partners Kraig van Rooyen and Alissa Steyl say the name of their studio comes from every dancer’s experience of having these numbers called by their teacher as a signal to start a routine again from the top.

The studio started in 2013 and two years later it’s gone from being a private dance studio to hosting themed parties at least once a month.

Many different cultures move to the rhythms established by their forefathers with traditional instruments – like the Scots and their bagpipes, Indians with their dance moves originating in far antiquity that keep time with instruments such as the sitar or the dhodro banam, and Africans moving to the traditional beat of an animal-hide drum. Dance is a universal language, along the lines of music and sport.

From The Great Gatsby to a 1980s Pop Shop party, a Western style hoedown to a Halloween freaky night, they throw dance parties for every age group.

Steyl, the brain behind the themed parties, said they are open to the public, and both experienced dancers and novices are invited to come and learn more about dancing.

She said people are expected to come dressed according to the theme and play list of the night. They will be taught how to dance to a routine from the era or in the style of the party.

“It’s always good to see people come dressed up. We also have a best outfit competition,” Steyl said.

“You’re not only going to learn a step or two, you also stand a chance of winning prizes, which include tickets to go watch South Africa’s favourite dance show – Strictly Come Dancing.”

Five6Seven8 studio has been a daily practice space for actor Nkuli Tshirumbula and his partner Nombulelo Hlathi, who are in the semifinals of Strictly Come Dancing’s season eight.

Van Rooyen, whose passion is teaching, believes dance is a stress-reliever for anyone in any occupation.

“Apart from seeing people get the steps right, it’s also amazing to see couples dance together.”

He said the social aspect of the themed parties was intended to provide an escape from the usual club scenes and to help participants meet new people.

“We allow people to bring their own alcohol. The party starts at 8pm and sometimes goes on until 4am.”

You can book your private lesson at Five6Seven8, where you can be taught tango, contemporary dancing, Latin, ballroom and hip-hop.

  • For more info on the themed parties and the studio visit www.five6seven8.co.za, or phone 011-791-5997

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