Great Review from Strictly Come Dancing Contestant – 5fm’s Sureshnie Rider

We were fortunate enough to have 4 amazing couples form Strictly Come Dancing South Africa use our studio for rehearsals for Season 8. Sureshnie and Obed were one of them and she was kind enough to post about us on her Facebook page:

Goodmorning and Welcome to your CHOOSEDAY.

Today I choose to Celebrate some special People. They have been part of a very special Dance Journey and I also wanted to introduce you to them in case you ever wanted to try something you couldn’t do.

Please say hello to the team from Five6seven8 Dance Studio .

To Alissa, Kraig – You are such an amazing Team and and even more awesome Dancing Couple. Thank you for being sooo supportive and encouraging of me every single day of training for Strictly Come Dancing. Obed and i got to use their Studio whilst prepping for SCD and these two lovely people gave me so much of their time, advice and support to realising my passion.

Then I Got to meet a witty, delightful, smart and talented Dance instructor named Simon. Simon hails from the UK and he is a pretty popular coach. He trains clients who are well into their 80’s and 90’s and also makes time to teach the littlest of people. Simon took so much of his own personal time to Mentor me, teach me, Improve me, Be the shoulder for many of my stressed moments and to just be a really good friend! When you walk into a studio, you want to be greeted with someone who shares the same spirit and energy as you.

Then Please ask to meet the lovely Bianca Catarina Dias. She, first of all is 5fm’s Biggest Fan, but this kid is just An All Round Happy Sunshine who is infectious and someone I really enjoyed seeing every day of training. She’s also one of the youngest Teachers at the studio.

These People gave me soo much of Their Time and their support, and I will always treasure it. Kraig…hope you remember that moment when I had tears falling from my eyes, whilst having to do 20 pushups;)

Anyways….If you are getting married and needed to do a special opening dance number, I would highly recommend this studio. If you wanted to learn Latin American, Ballroom, Contemporary or even Burlesque, THIS is the studiio for you. It’s a wonderful social environment to learn a new skill, whatever age you might be.

Please also say hello to JJ (he’s like the ultimate ballroom teacher), Lisa/Liz (i called her both) she does burlesque and Whips many a student into shape…and all the other awesome people I got to meet. Hope to bump into you there, as I do plan to make Dancing part of my life xxx

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