Teacher Feature Adriana Masilo

Teacher Feature – Adriana Masilo

Question 1: When did you start dancing?

Answer: I started dancing at age 7, I did ballet and gymnastics as an extra mural in pre-primary school and I have been dancing ever since.

Question 2: When did you start teaching?

Answer: I started teaching dance at age 16 in high school at a modeling school I used to model at, I was teaching kids as an after school activity.

Question 3: What classes do you teach?

Answer: I taught Hip Hop and Jazz and teaching Musical Theatre at Five6seven8.

Question 4: When & Why did you start teaching at Five6seven8?

Answer: I started on the 1st of September 2020. I have always loved musical theatre, I wanted to study musical theatre in tertiary but decided to go for dance teaching instead. When I got the post I was so excited because  I get to enjoy my first love and teach dancing too.

Question 5: Why do you love to teach dance?

Answer: I love teaching because I get to be creative and showcase my skills, I get to see people’s personalities come alive and see them enjoy being free and bringing my vision to life. I enjoy finding ways and methodologies to improve my teaching skills when working with different people and age groups.

Question 5: Why do you love to dance?

Answer: Dance has always been my escape, my happy place. I come alive when I’m dancing. Dancing is my stress reliever, an out-of-body experience always takes place when I’m dancing, I can’t explain it but I wouldn’t trade it for anything plus it keeps me fit and most importantly brings people together. 

Question 6: Tell us something about yourself

Answer: I’m a 26-year-old dancer from a small town with big dreams. I followed my dream and now it’s paying my bills. I love performing and one day I will tell my children I survived a world pandemic while dancing for a living. 

I have 4 years experience of teaching dance professionally.

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