Care To Talk - Part 1

#CareToTalk Part 1

Five6seven8 Dance Studio is getting together with industry professionals to launch our series #CareToTalk

First up, we are discussing the impact of lock down on children.

Dear Parents,We have put together this talk just for you.

As dance instructor, we’ve had to adjust the way we teach our dance classes – just as many of you may have had to adjust the way you normally work. As such, we have become very conscious of what our students have had to go through the past few weeks.

We have approached industry professionals to join us for a live chat to talk about some topics we think would be vastly beneficial to our parents and everyone else going through this.
The main topics that will be covered are:
* Keeping your children motivated
* Understanding the psychology of lockdown
* Stimulating development at home
* Adjustment to video learning
These are just a few topics we thought would help parents during this time.

Join us on Friday at 17h00, live on Facebook on our studio page while we chat with Minnon Durston, Counseling Psychologist from MindReboot as well as Nerina Steyl & Nicole Johnston, Occupational Therapists from Sensoplay Occupational Therapy

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